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Designated Charity: The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse

This will be the 5th year of our Chapter's involvement with the Center for Prevention of Child Abuse in Poughkeepsie by participating in their Holiday Outreach program. The MHV alumni come out in full force every year to fulfill our family's entire holiday wishlist. Our alumni's generosity during these campaigns means a lot to the families involved!

About our 2019 Family:

Kristin is a single mother with 2 children. Due to drug and alcohol addictions, the father of Kristin's two children is not in their lives as he became physically and mentally abusive towards Kristin in front on the children. Kristin has done an amazing job of protecting herself and her children by not allowing him to be around, however he does not pay child support and Kristin only receives a disability check once a month, which barely covers household bills and household needs.he father of the children was this family's main source of income and with him being gone, money is very tight and leaves no extra money for holiday gifts.
Kristin joined our supportive parenting program approximately 6 months ago after she had the children's father arrested for domestic abuse. She has worked very closely with her case manager to work on budgets, safety plans, and most recently they found an affordable safe apartment for Kristin and her 2 children (they were living with the father of the children and went into a domestic violence shelter after he was arrested). This year has been a tough year for Kristin and her children and we would love to be able to bring this family some happiness as Kristin is working so hard to ensure she is the best mom she can be and that her children are SAFE and not living in a scary situation.

For planning purposes and to make sure we have sufficient funds to buy gifts for our family we are asking for donations earlier in the year to prepare.  Based on last years total we are setting a goal of $1,000 in donations to cover all the gifts for a family. Please consider donating via the paypal button below or mailing a check to our address with a note that it is for the holiday gift drive.

Information about the program we are supporting: The Special Needs Parenting Program provides specialized services to parents who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. All of these mothers were themselves victims of physical & sexual abuse as children. They are required to commit to one year in the program, but many stay longer. Through weekly home based services and parenting classes, the goal is to works towards improving the lives of their children and to prevent future occurrences of abuse.