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Football Ticket Lottery

Note: We did not apply for the 2016 Football Ticket Lottery because of the availability to buy individual tickets.

Football Lottery

Greetings Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter Members!

The 2014 Alumni Association football lottery is now accepting requests from chapters for blocks of tickets for select games.  We worked hard last year (again!) to achieve Chapter of Distinction status so we are now in the first round of lottery selection and should be able to get in on some of the more popular games.  See below for how our chapter lottery works - it's the same as in prior years.  Select home and away games are available at varying prices.  Here is the list:

Ticket Price
Akron - homeSeptember 6, 2014$55 ea.
Rutgers - awaySeptember 13, 2014$100 ea.
Massachusetts - homeSeptember 20, 2014$55 ea.
Northwestern - HomecomingSeptember 27, 2014$80 ea.
Michigan - awayOctober 11, 2014$95 ea.
Ohio State - homeOctober 25, 2014$100 ea.
Maryland - homeNovember 1, 2014$70 ea.
Indiana - awayNovember 8, 2014$50 ea.
Temple - homeNovember 15, 2014$70 ea.
Illinois - awayNovember 22, 2014$49 ea.
Michigan State - homeNovember 29, 2014$80 ea.


And here's how the chapter lottery works:

1)  You must be a member of, or promise to join, the Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter.  It's easy enough to join.  Contact me, sign up at http://www.psumhv.com or fill out the membership form in our upcoming newsletter.  This is a major benefit reserved for members only.  (Note: Chapter membership is separate from Alumni Association membership.  You must join the Chapter even if you are an Alumni Association member.)

2)  Contact me by email by Sunday, June 8th and indicate your 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd game choices (see below).  This step alone commits you to(re)joining the chapter by July 1 if you haven't already.

3)  I will tally all the requests and the chapter will submit it's 3 requests from the 3 games with the most requests.  First choice will be the game with the most ticket requests weighted by 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, etc...

4)  The chapter will get notified which tickets, if any, we are awarded on June 11th or thereabouts.   I will send out an email to all entrants indicating what tickets we are awarded.

5)  Any entrants who signed up for the awarded tickets should immediately forward their payment to the chapter so we can actually purchase the tickets. (Checks written to Penn State)  Note: we are not obligated to purchase them even if awarded, so we need the funds to do that.

6)  Tickets will be mailed to the chapter about 2 weeks before the game, and I will distribute the tickets as soon as I receive them. (Actually, we get them way ahead of time in most cases.)

This is a big benefit to you for supporting our Chapter.  Always remember.....WE  ARE.....PENN STATE!!

Information to include to get in on this benefit:

Name __________________________________

Email __________________________________

Phone __________________________________

1st Choice ______________________________   # Tickets ____

2nd Choice ______________________________  # Tickets ____

3rd Choice  ______________________________  # Tickets ____

- Stephanie Lehrer (s.schaum@gmail.com)

  The Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association